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Book Now at (918) 703-0724

Book Now at (918) 703-0724

BA: May 1st, 3rd, 5th, 8th, and 15th; Tulsa: all other dates

42nd and Mingo, Tulsa

9717 E 42nd St, Ste 130 - Tulsa, OK

Roger's Building on the northeast side of the intersection.

You'll see a sign that says "KEY". Lotus will not have a sign outside due to building restrictions. There is a directory inside that we are listed on, and there will be a sign on the door of our suite (#130).

Park on any side of the building (videos below)

(918) 703-0724

Please use the restroom before checking in. There is a restroom and vending machine room next door to our suite.

The building is wheelchair accessible. Please text or call us if you need us to open the doors for you for any reason, as they are not electric.


We schedule patients on M/W 9a-6p and F 11a-6p, however we do not stay in the office if we do not have patients.

Entering the North Side of the Building (longest walk)

9717 E 42nd St., Suite 103

Video Directions

Entering East Side of Building (shortest walk)

9717 E 42nd St, Suite 103

Video Directions

Entering the South Side of Building (Front)

9717 E 42nd St, Suite 103

Video Directions


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